Lesson Plan : Bodies of Water

Teacher Name:
 Kathryn Keener
 Grade 2
 Social Studies

 Bodies of Water
 I chose the Team-Directed Number Heads Structure. I chose this structure, because the students were responsible for their learning of one of the bodies of water, and had to educate the class as well. -Vocabulary: River, Lake, Gulf
 -The student will be able to define what a river, lake, and gulf are. -The student will be able to identify a major river, lake, and gulf. -The student will be able to identify ways to preserve our bodies of water.
 -construction paper -markers -colored pencils -crayons -textbook -additional resource books on bodies of water located in classroom library
 -What is a body of water? How is it like the landforms we have been studying?
 -With students sharing textbooks, look through the text as a group. -Look through pictures and read text. -Discuss the types of bodies of water and ask questions: What is an example of a river? Do we have rivers in Fort Worth? How can we preserve our rivers?
 -Create criteria for body of water posters. -Criteria: 1)Title 2)Definition of body of water 3)Example 4)Preservation 5)Facts from a source other than textbook -Discuss examples of a definition, an example, and explain what preservation is. Have students identify as a group examples of preservation.
 -I have a student with autism in my class. He is very high-functioning and participates as much as every other student. I continually checked on his group more to ensure they were working as a group and each member was participating. The special needs student tends to be easily distracted and the students tend to let him wander, so I continually asked them how they were working as a group and monitored if everyone was participating.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Students assessed on poster meeting identified criteria.
 -Students present posters to class and teach class about their landform.
 The students are evaluated on whether or not their posters met identified criteria.
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson went well. They worked well in their groups and I help them responsible for being a "contributing member" to their group. The students took this seriously as a responsibility. They enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot from each other. I really enjoyed not only watching the students learn, but watching them work together well and managing to work out conflicts when they arised.

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