Lesson Plan : Adding Decimals

Teacher Name:
 Allison Demers
 Grade 9-10

 Using computation skills to add decimals for the correct sum.
 -Using column addition -Understanding place value of decimals -Carrying when adding
 Students will be able to use computation skills to add decimals for the correct sum.
 Students will be able to use column addition to add decimals. Students will be able to utilize place value knowledge when adding decimals. They will add the decimals using correct placement in the column addition method. Students will be able to carry when adding if necessary.
 Column addition graphic organizers, place value of decimals reminder sheet
 Do Now: Please fill out the place value of decimals reminder sheet with the correct labels. Make sure to use the words and the numbers to make it easier for you to see. Good morning everyone! Today we are going to continue our practice with decimals by using them in math problems! Our main focus today will be adding decimals. By the end of today's lesson, you will be able to use your adding skills to add decimals in columns, making sure that you also remember to carry numbers when you have to! You will also review your place value skills that we learned yesterday.
 Okay, I would like everyone to have their place value of decimals reminder sheet in front of them. Now, check what you have with what I have on the board (release pre-made sheet) to make sure it is correct. This sheet will help us when we are adding decimals, because we have to make sure to line up the places while we are adding. For example...(does example on board of adding decimals in column method, lining up places.)
 Teacher puts 5 addition of decimals problems on the board for students to work on in pairs. Students have to use the graphic organizers with columns already drawn in for addition. Once students are finished, teacher has pairs come up to solve problems on the board in front of the class.
 Teacher walks around and highlights certain problems for each student to work on. Higher level students do even (harder) problems, lower level students do odd (easier) problems. Students are able to use place value reminder sheet if they get stuck.
Checking For Understanding:
 At the end of independent practice, teacher puts a semi-difficult problem on the board and has whole class complete it individually. Checks to see which students got the incorrect answer.
 Review objectives that were set for the day and ask students to share out one thing they have learned. Ask students to say if they think they have met their objectives. Prep for tomorrow's lesson - subtraction with decimals.
 Add the place value of decimals chart, column addition of decimals problems to the quiz.
Teacher Reflections:
 Review independent practice to gauge student understanding.

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