Lesson Plan : Income Tax

Teacher Name:
 Cristina Pebley
 Grade 9-10

 Students will learn about income taxes and find deduction amounts of incomes.
 Discuss different types of taxes: income, sales, federal, state, property, business. Discussion of income, deductions, exemptions, dependents, taxable income. A review of percentages.
 Students should understand and identify different types of taxes. They also need to become familiar with the tax vocabulary. Students will be able to find deductions on taxes.
 When given 6 word problems, students will be able to figure percentages for deductions on taxes with 80% accuracy.
 Income tax worksheets, Printable W-2 Form, IRS website on display.
 Discuss different kinds of taxes and why we have to pay taxes. Also discuss what the IRS is and does, what their role in taxes is.
 Discuss income, deductions, exemptions and how to find them. The annual income is found on the W-2 which an employer keeps track of and reports to employees at end of the year. Teach the students how to find the amount that was deducted by multiplying percentages to the income.
 Have the students do the following problems while you observe to check for understanding. If I make 4,582 in a year and they take out 16% how much was deducted? ($733.12) If I made 25,360 and they took16% for federal taxes, then how much did I pay in federal taxes? ($4057.60)
 Students will have calculators. The teacher will be available to answer questions and clarify any questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Independent practice will be the assessment of skills. A review discussion at the end of the lesson can assess knowledge of definitions and discussion.
 Review discussion of things discussed in the lesson.
 The percentages of the number of problems they answered correctly will measure the progress on this particular topic and for this lesson.

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