Lesson Plan : The Raven and Gothic Literature

Teacher Name:
 Leigh Anne Wade
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 "The Raven" Gothic literature
 Gothic literature Single Effect "The Raven"
 Goal 5 The learner will interpret and evaluate representative texts to deepen understanding of literature of the United States
 TLW analyze "The Raven" for gothic conventions by dissecting the poem for setting, tone, supernatural elements, narrator's character, and presence of the macabre.
 Textbook, LCD projector, laptop, DVD Simpson's Season 2 Treehouse of Terror, graphic organizer, butcher paper, markers
 Students will work in groups of four to define the word "gothic." From where do they think the word is derived? Can they give an example of gothic literature?
 Teacher gives the "official" definition of "gothic" and "gothic literature." Students will take notes from powerpoint on gothic.
 DVD of The Simpson's rendition of "The Raven." Teacher will give an example to gothic convention from the DVD. Students will work in their groups to find other examples. They will present to class.
 Students will work in groups which can turn students who understand the concepts can explain concepts to those needing a little help. Video helps those who do not read as well. Teacher will monitor and adjust as the students work on their graphic organizers. Students who finish early will try their hand at writing a gothic short story.
Checking For Understanding:
 Monitor and adjust. Students' graphic organizers.
 Students will draw murals on "The Raven" and gothic literature.
 Students will be evaluated on their class participation, graphic organizers, and a teacher made test on the genre and the poem.

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