Lesson Plan : To Kill a Mockingbird - Real Courage

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 M. I. Friedman
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 Real Courage
 This lesson provides the students a further opportunity to observe the kind of parent that Atticus proves to be. In the lesson we see Atticus teaching Jem the meaning of true courage.
 Aim: What lesson does Atticus try to teach Jem about real courage? Outcomes: 1. Students learn about real courage, according to Atticus Finch. 2. They will come away with an understanding of what it means to suffer and to be courageous.
 Students will be able to read about Mrs. Dubose and see through her bad character; they will be able to learn the meaning behind real suffering as a means of courage; they will be able to view courage as something intangible unlike the use of a gun.
 To Kill a Mockingbird
 Quick Write: How do you react to a person who really aggravates you? Turn and Talk: Share with your group how you react to a person who really aggravates you. Don't just tell what you do, explain why you react in this way.
 Classroom Discussion: 1. Share with the class how we react to people who aggravate us. 2. Teacher can share anecdotes of how he might react to class or students--or even colleagues--who aggravate him. 3. Ask students if they can think of better ways to deal with aggravating people. Independent Reading: Chapter 11. Directed Questions: 1. Have students write their reactions to Mrs. Dubose. 2. Have them record how Jem reacts toward her. Classroom Discussion: 1. Start the discussion with the class's reaction to Mrs. Dubose. 2. Do you think she was born mean, or do you suspect that something is hiding her true character? 3. How does Jem react to her? 4. During the course of chapter 11, what does Jem learn about Mrs. Dubose? How does Atticus explain to Jem why he never revealed his expertise with a gun? 5. According to Atticus, what is the meaning of true courage?
 Summation: Why does Atticus refer to Mrs. Dubose as the bravest person he's ever known? Homework: What examples of adult bravery have the children learned in the novel so far? How do these examples teach Jem and Scout important values in life? What may be the biggest test of bravery in both the children's lives?

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