Lesson Plan : Famous People

Teacher Name:
 Kathy Smolenski
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Famous people
 Stories about famous people Key vocabulary is presented in the text before each chapter Student selected famous person to research
 Students will increase their knowledge of famous people, while increasing their vocabulary, demonstrate comprehension and develop written expression. Demonstrate technological ability and ability to follow written directions
 Students will participate in vocabulary lesson, read information together as a class then complete sections of the written part both together to check for understanding as well as independently to develop written expression. Student will complete an independent research assignment to increase knowledge of famous person as well as demonstrate ability to follow written directions and use technology
 personal journals for vocabulary words, copies from the text "What a Story! Stories of Amazing People" (intermediate and high levels) Teacher-made assignment/worksheet Access to internet
 Present famous person and ask for prior knowledge Present vocabulary words either by completing assignment in text or by writing words in journals and defining them with a dictionary or a thesaurus. Add words to large poster in classroom with other words Review instructions for independent assignment for understanding
 Review words together by review definitions and by using them in sentences Review list of all famous persons to select and have class add their own ( some may not be associate with handicapping coinditions) Review requirements
 Begin reading the story together as a class with volunteer readers too Complete book work together to assess understanding Students use computers to gather information
 Write vocabulary words on poster or board for non-readers (vocabulary development) Individual help will be needed as others work independently Individual help reading information gathered and writing questions. (student can dictate and copy)
Checking For Understanding:
 Review verbally and check written work. Check independent project
 connect this famous person with others selected. Theme should be people with disabilities have something to offer connect individual selection with other amazing people studied
 Assignment complete, Verbal understanding Rubrics
Teacher Reflections:
 Add to visual wall presentation to help learning visually

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