Lesson Plan : 3 Star Sentences

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 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Writing Sentences
 Writing complete, well-written sentences.
 754. LISTENING. Standard - The student will: Content Knowledge and Skills: 1. Listen for information and understanding. a. Acquire, interpret, and apply information from a variety of electronic or live sources. c. Demonstrate effective interpersonal listening skills. 753. WRITING. 2. Write and edit for correctness and clarity. a. Apply rules and conventions of the following: - Grammar; - Punctuation; - Capitalization; b. Formulate purpose, thesis, relevant support, and focused paragraphs: - Use topic sentences, appropriate word choices and sentence structure,
 Independent production of a sentence that goes beyond the noun and verb; including how, when, how and descriptions. Duration: 1st time 30 minutes. Recommend that lesson be repeated over several days as a mini-lesson with fewer examples.
 Chalkboard,Overhead projector,or Elmo/Smartboard Noun & Verb collection Pencils/Paper or Journal
 Picture in your mind the following sentence. "The dog sits". Solicit responses from students as to what the dog looks like in their mind. Where is the dog? What is it doing? Suggest to the students that perhaps we could make a better sentence by adding more detail.
 On board demonstate 1-, 2-, and 3-star sentences. A 1-star sentences contains a noun and verb. 2-star contains noun, verb, when, where and how. 3-star adds one or more descriptors to the 2-star sentence. Have students select one card from the noun box and one from the verb box. Using these cards, create a 1-star, 2-star and 3-star sentence. Repeat 2 or 3 times.
 Have one student select one card from the noun box and one from the verb box and create the 1-star sentence. Ask the next student to a when, where or how to the sentence. Continue around the room adding information until you have a 3-star sentence. Write it on the board. Do this several time until students, allowing everyone an opportunity to participate
 Intended for Special Ed English students grades 8-12.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check work after each sentence by sharing with class. Question and Model for any improvements. (Did you remember to add a "where" word or phrase? Maybe, in the park, on the street, etc.) Have students add corrections in their journal.
 Review through questions, what it takes to make a 3-star sentence.
 Evaluate sentences in journal for understanding of 1-, 2-, and 3-star sentences.

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