Lesson Plan : Hurried Child

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 Grade 11-12

 Today's Elementary age children have busy schedules. Many are involved in multiple after school activities and seem to have little time to relax and "just be kids". What is causing them to grow up so quickly?
 Investigate media - radio, print, TV, Advertisements to learn how we influence people.
 To get a better idea of how advertising influences all people of all ages. Does advertising make our youth dress and act older than their age?
 Examine different medai sources to see how they advertise new ideas Discuss in small groups how this advertising affects your thinking. Identify advertising geered to youth.
 Computer, Magazines, Radio, Billboards, Fast Food Restaurants
 Discuss "free time" and how much people have of it. Compare today to the 60's and 70's. What did children do with their "free time"?
 Become aware of what is being advertised. How is something new brought to the public? How many different types of advertising is used to convey this new product? Get samples of different advertising and discuss their effect on youth.
 Teachers walk around students discussing what info. students found and directing them when needed.
 none necessary
Checking For Understanding:
 asking questions while walking amoung students checking on their progress student telling student what they found completeness of group poster showing individual's contribution
 Class discussion of lesson identifying what was learned. Ask the question: Do you think the hurried child can be turned around. How? Write a one page summary of what you learned from this activity.

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