Lesson Plan : Impromptu Speech & Delivery Tips

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Mande
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 Impromptu Speech & Speech Delivery Tips
 Practice delivering an impromptu speech / Delivery Tips for a great Speech
 Teach students skills that will help them succeed in delivering a impromptu speech and handling it well
 By learning how to give an impromptu speech and delivering it well will be a valuable skill in any career field
 * powerpoint slide * binder/tablet/note cards * 2 hats * (tiles) that have places on them and other tiles with a well known person
 The mention of impromptu speeches often bring about reactions of knee-knocking, cold sweating, and hand-wringing. However, if one is asked to talk about something they are very knowledgeable on,very comfortable with, perhaps very passionate about, then speaking about it may help ease tensions when speaking in public.
 Each student will think of a subject they are knowledgeable on, then pick 2 tiles out of two different hat. One hat will have "place" tiles and one hat will have "a person" tiles. All students will have 4 mins to prepare an impromptu speech that will incorporate their subject, the place they pulled, and the person they pulled from the hats. Any format can be used to deliver their speech: fictional or non-fictional, informative, persuasive, commercial, etc.
 Students will first get a demo from the instructor possibly using props, ex. holding a binder or tablet, or referring to a powerpoint slide/screen, using effective body language, speakers triangle.
 Make sure entire front area is clear for speaking.
Checking For Understanding:
 After instructors demo, class is asked for any questions they have before beginning the assignment. After speeches are given, the class is asked for immediate feedback on the activity.
 When faced with an impromptu speech think about what you do know and how can adapt that to your audience so you'll feel comfortable in your delivery.
 Instructor will evaluate on how and if the speaker uses certain skills effectively and if the speech met the assignment criteria.
Teacher Reflections:
 By asking the students to speak about a topic that they know about anxiety is diminished and the cultivating of useful skills can be concentrated on.

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