Lesson Plan : Grammar Review

Teacher Name:
 M. Weber
 Language Arts

 Criminal Investigation based on A. Hitchcock's 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'
 Present/Past Simple, Continuous and Perfect Tenses Detective/Mystery vocabulary Speaking practice Grammar review
 By reviewing the time phrases and tense forms in 'Deadly Mistake', the group should formulate speech in each tense and identify any further time adverbials/phrases for each tense. This will help them to practice formulating ?s and help to recycle passive knowledge into active production. The police/witness exercise will give them further speaking practice.
 DVD, flip chart, CD The Da Vinci Code, Handouts Hitchcock, Deadly Mistake
 Ask class to tell us about A. Hitchcock Short vocabulary/recycling game
 Go over tenses and make a sample of for each tense on the flip chart. Students provide the possible a detective might ask a witness of a crime.
 Split the class into 2 groups...the police and the witnesses. While the police brainstorm is it possible the witnesses watch the murder scene.
 The teacher circulates during the interviews to make sure that the right tenses et. al. are being used, and makes a list of possible items that need correcting/reformulation.
Checking For Understanding:
 If time permits the reformulated items are written up on the flip chart for examination.
 Police retell the story and then watch the DVD to see if their interpretation of the interviews matches the original story.
 Conscious appreciation of and implementation of the targeted tenses. Active use of the target language.

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