Lesson Plan : Happy Birthday Vocabulary

Teacher Name:
 Roger Seer
 Grade 11-12

 Happy Birthday Celebrations
 -Reading: Vocabulary worksheet & sentence and vocabulary matching -Listening: The situation at a real birthday party and applying it your party -Speaking: Introducing and explaining a birthday party you had that was fun
 To learn vocabulary for birthday parties To learn what each person does at birthday parties To practice listening skills to understand what is happening at a birthday party To be able to apply the skills that you heard to your birthday party
 To enable students to gain free speaking capacities To allow students to share their experiences with their peers To get a rough idea by listening to a conversation
 - Listening CD & CD player - Listening worksheet (12 copies) 2 pictures related to birthday parties Board & markers Computer project and internet
 Procedure: 1. Greet students T: Hi, everyone. How are you all doing today? Have you ever had a birthday party before? Would you like to share your experiences with us? Is there anyone? (extract from students) T: All right/ 2. Introduce today¡¯s topic T: Now, we are going to listen to a birthday party. (Write the subject on the board: Birthday Party) T: Before we listen, we will study some vocabularies the speakers had utilized.
 Procedure: 1. Pre-listening T: I will give you a sheet listing the activities. I will explain how to do it. I want you to think about what kind of activities that people in your country do. Also, think about what kind of traditional food they Prepare. CCQ How do you start speaking? How much time do you have? Are you working alone? (Distribute the worksheet #1)
  Procedure: 1. Listening for the main idea (general understanding) T: Now, I will start to turn on the CD player. Please, put your pens down and close your eyes. Listen carefully. Fill in the blanks. CCQ Can you take notes? (Play the CD player without stopping) T: Did you get some general ideas? (If they tell some general information, I will write down on the board. If there is no answer, I will give some questions for their understanding about the news as follows.) - What is going on? - Where and when did it take place? - Who came to the birthday party?
 - Try to advance students that clearly understands the material - Try to aid students that have confusion in listening comprehension and speaking skills - Try to facilitate students with intermediate level to the next level
Checking For Understanding:
  Procedure: 1. Post listening exercise T: Now, we will share our experiences. Please make in pairs with the person next to you. Take turns in answering these questions; How did you celebrate Your birthday? What made it so special?Did you eat Any special foods? CCQ Are you fine? Are you working in pairs? How much time do you have left? (Teacher observes carefully.) T: _____! Can you come out and present your experience to class? (Teacher chooses some students for presenting their experiences.) T: Good job!
 2. Close lesson T: Now, I will finish the lesson for today. What did you learn about birthday parties? (go over the vocabulary what we have learned today) Give homework Write a memorable experience of a birthday party (about 100 words) that you had in your life. Try to write Specific reasons and details to state your main ideas. T: Good work today. See you all at next class. Have a nice day. Bye!
  - By installing a hearing means in English, students had more chance to clearly understand the material. - By providing them with a subject that they are acquainted with, it enabled students to actively participate in class activities.
Teacher Reflections:
  Although competition is an indispensable element in today's society, I recognized that our students still need harmony and the help of others, especially their peers, in coping with academic hardships. Moreover, I will try to implant more group activities intermixed with individual activities.

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