Lesson Plan : Conjunction

Teacher Name:
 Magda A.Khalifa
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 Using conjunction in various areas to enhance grammar skills.
 Conjunction (because - but-so-after -although -since- while -as -so that........etc
 To use Conjunctions properly. To classify conjunctions ( reason -time-effect- conditional ......etc To be able to build up sentences using the conjunction words
 CEPA lesson 3 - pc - flashcards -pictures - internet -OHP -WB -coloured pens - song -song transcript
 T.starts the lesson with a song about counjunction and their function an asks the ss to write down any linking words they can identify .( Individual -4 m )
 T.writes some sentences on the board and explains the meaning of clause then ask them to connect them together eg(Aish is rich . her cousin Mona is poor -I was tired.I took a nap.She drinks . SHe is thirsty) T.explains that in these sentences there are two subjects and verbs . T.asks ss to read and underline the conjunction in CEPA lesson 3 (Individual - 5 m )
 T.asks them to do EX 5 in CEPA L 3 (Groups -5m) T.asks them to complete the sentences in the CEPA pamphlet. T.Asks them to read then T.asks them to classify the conjunction according to their meanings ,then do ex ( 7 ) (groups - 5 m )T .diplays the power point presentation.
Checking For Understanding:
 T.gives each group 3 pictures and asks them to form one sentence useing conjunctions (Groups -5 m)
 T. sums up the role of conjunction in English as a part of speech. T.asks them to ex 8 as ahomework
 Filling in with the right linking word Building up compound sentences .

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