Lesson Plan : Portfolio/Self-Evaluation

Teacher Name:
 M. I. Friedman
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Second Marking Period Self-Evaluation and Portfolio
 This lesson has the students adding material from the second marking period to their portfolios, and examining their progress during the marking period. Also, students are afforded time to complete any work not completed in the previous day's lesson.
 Aim: How can an honest examination of our work in the second marking period help us to plan success in the remaining marking periods? Outcomes: 1. Students look at their progress, and determine what they did well, and where they need to improve. 2. The students will choose the best work, from among the papers returned during the marking period, and will add them to their portfolios.
 Students will be able to make an honest assessment of their work in English class, and will be able to plan for future success in the class.
 "My Improvement Plan" handout "Word Knowledge Chart" handout (from previous lesson) "Portfolio" handout
 Independent Reading: 1. Remind students to practice the habits they have learned. They are to be aware of pictures that they form in their minds from their reading; they are to make connections to the text; they are to ask questions of sections of their reading where they are confused; and they are to make determinations of which ideas are important. 2. Take the status of the class while the students read. Independent Reading Log: Have the students complete their "Double Entry Journal" handouts for today's Independent Reading. Word Knowledge Chart: 1. Distribute the "Word Knowledge Chart" handout, with the following words: -alternate -apprehended -dismay -hostile -intended -juvenile -oath -verdict 2. Review with the students how they are to complete the chart. Remind them that they have already done this once before.
 Portfolios: 1. Distribute "Portfolio" handout, which provides a list of the material that students will include in their portfolios for the second marking period. 2. Distribute the portfolio folders with the class. 3. Review with the students which papers that were returned to them will be going into the folders. Instruct them to pick those samples of each assignment that they believe represents their best work--regardless of what the score might have been. 4. Allow students the time to collect the material from their notebooks, and place it into their portfolios. Then, collect and file the folders. Self-Evaluation: 1. Distribute "My Improvement Plan" handouts. 2. Instruct the students to complete the handout, answering the questions honestly. Tell them that they will be completing a similar form for every marking period to come. 3. Point out that the purpose of this handout is to provide them with a measure of how much they have progressed. 4. Remind them that progress in this class is measured, only in part, by their actual grade, but also by any changes in their attitude, behavior, and work habits. Remind them, though, that their grade is the most visible measure of their progress--and success.
 This is intended to occupy most--if not all--of the period. However, some students might finish before others. Allow those who do finish before the rest to choice something from their independent menu. Remind them, however, that they have a book talk that they must do, and allow them time to prepare for that book talk.
Teacher Reflections:
 Remember that finishing the work from the previous lesson will change from school year to school year.

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