Lesson Plan : Animal Farm: Propaganda

Teacher Name:
 Eric Medina
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 Propaganda and communism.
 Vocabulary: Communism, Propaganda
 To define propaganda and communism and also give examples of both, to properly analyze Animal Farm and how it related to communism and propaganda, to write a brief research paper comparing Animal Farm to historical figures of the Russian revolution such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, or Trotsky. To give a well thought out brief oral presentation on their paper.
 Students will be able to define both propaganda and communism and give examples from both Russian history and in the novel. Students will be able briefly describe an important historical figure from the russian revolution and how they can relate to Animal Farm.
 Animal Farm by George Orwell, access to a computer, and a presentation rubric.
 After having read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell there would be a class discussion on the book. What they thought of the book and where they think George Orwell gained the ideas from.
 Students will have the assignment explained in which they will be writing a 2 to 3 page paper defining propaganda and communism in their own words. Also in the paper they will have write about a historical figure from the Russian revolution and comparing their techniques for propaganda and communism to ones that occurred in the book. Students will be asked to cite a minimum of 2 sources.
 Day one of this project will consist of the students telling in class what their definition of propaganda and communism are and how they saw these in the book. Students will also have the opportunity to have any questions they may have about the paper answered.
 Day three will consist of the students peer editing each others rough drafts and correcting what mistakes were made then for homework the students will type up the final drafts of their papers.
Checking For Understanding:
 Day four will consist of the students giving their brief presentation on their papers and handing in their papers for a final grade. Students will also have their presentations evaluated by the teacher.
 Day 5 the students will have their papers handed back to them and discussed with them individually by the teacher. The teacher will discuss how the paper was and also how their presentation was and give them a final grade.
 Students will be assessed by how well they can define propaganda and communism in their own words. They will also be assessed on their ability to write a brief paper and how well they analyzed the book and compared and contrasted it to an important figure involved in the Russian revolution. Students will have their rough drafts edited by their peers and the final draft by the teacher when the project is finished. Students will also be evaluated on their presentation abilities.

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