Lesson Plan : Introduction to Emily Dickinson

Teacher Name:
 Maria Angelini
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
 The activities in this lesson plan reinforce the objectives by having students learn about biographical information about Emily as well as having the students read her poetry for the first time. Through a careful study of her poems, students will gain a greater appreciation for her poetry, as well come to understand what makes her work so unique.
 The student will able to read and understand the poetry of Emily Dickinson, including the facets of her poems that make her a unique and revolutionary poet.
 The materials being used for this lesson will include a biographical handout, individual books of Dickinson's poetry, and an overhead projector.
 This is the beginning of the students learning about Dickinson's poetry. For a "do now" activity I will ask students to write down anything they know about Dickinson and then share that information with the class. Then I will clear up any misconceptions and proceed to cover some biographical information about the poet.
 1.) The students will be put into groups and each given a section of the biography handout to look at. They will asked to summarize what they have learned and share it with the class. 2.) The students will understand the life history of Dickinson through a brief introductory lecture following the group work. 3.)The students will then open their books to the poem "I Could Not Stop for Death" and the poem will be aloud, with the students following along in their books as well as reading the poem on the overhead projector. 4.) The students will learn what makes the poem unique and unusual, including the poem's improper capitalization, grammar and use of slant rhymes through lecture and discussion. 4.) The students
 Students will be asked at the end of class to look at the Dickinson poem "A Bird Came Down" to see if they can point out any of the unusual poetic characteristics observed in "I Could Not Stop for Death". During this period, I will walk around to each student to check their progress and see if they are grasping the material. Their observations will be turned in at the end of class.
 I would accomodate those learning disabilities by letting them read the poetry at their own pace, I would also give them as much time as they wanted to complete in class activities. I would also pay special attention to them to make sure they don't feel lost or confused.
Checking For Understanding:
 In two weeks a test will be given on Emily Dickinson's life and work. The quiz will be on what the poems we've covered are about as well as their historical significance. The students will be asked to show an understanding of poetic terms and structure as well. A week ahead from this lesson the students will be asked to write and submit their own poems inspired by Emily Dickinson.
 To wrap it all up, I would summarize the important elements of what I'd covered. Then I would pass around a book I have called "Emily" which is a beautifully illustrated children's book on the life of Emily Dickinson. I would ask if anyone had any questions and then remind them of the homework assignment before they were dismissed.

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