Lesson Plan : Daily Life

Teacher Name:
 Magda A. Khalifa
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 How to make friends.
 behaviour, colleague, occasion, neighbourhood.
 Recognizes target words (red and green) in isolation and spoken context. • Recognizes the stress pattern of target words.
 Activating schemata (Ex A) Developing recognition of target vocabulary in context (Ex B) Recognizing that multi syllabus words have different stress patterns (Ex’s C and D)
 SB Class board cassette pc
 T.Uses the activity based on the phrase make + friends by displaying an electronic friends card.
 T.asks the students to cover the text and listen for the green vocabulary words. Then they uncover and complete the activity.
 T.reads and puts in stupid words, e.g., banana or elephant –students correct. Ask a few general questions on the content of the text, e.g., What are best friends? What is the name of your local neighbourhood? What are the most important things that must be in your friend? why?
 Make sure students have plenty of opportunity to hear the three words in isolation and in context. Point out that the spelling does not help with pronunciation.Make sure studentsDouble check students have grasped the meanings, by Writing questions such as these on the board and asking students to discuss them in pairs; What’s your attitude to school work? What’s the difference between good behaviour and bad behaviour in class?
Checking For Understanding:
  T.give them a worksheet and asks them to fill in the spaces.
  Where can we find friends? What are the most important characteristics of your friend?
  T.asks them some questions about vocab e.g. giving the definition and asks about the word.
Teacher Reflections:
 T.checks their drawing and hang the best ones .

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