Lesson Plan : Beauty and the Beast

Teacher Name:
 Andrea Black
 Grade 3
 Literature Activities

 Reading "Beauty and the Beast"
 1. Go over vocabulary, and main characters of the story. 2. Read the story 3. Re-read the story as a clas 4. Activity 5. Evaluation
 1. Fairy tales will help them think about situations they may find themselves in. 2. Have the children understand that fairy tales are fiction stories that have been around for 100s of years. 3. Children will be exposed to morals such as: do to others as you want them to do to you,(hidden message)and never judge someone by their appearence.(hidden message) 4. Children will be able to draw and write about 1 important part of the story.
 1. The children will read and comprehend the story "Beauty and the Beast" 2. The children will know the new vocabulary from the book and be able to recognize it in the story. 3. The children will show that they can pick out important events from the story, write about them, and draw a picture about them.
 - reading book - pencil - crayons - blank sheet of paper - blank sheet of lined paper
 1. Have children turn to the story in their reading books 2. Go over any vocabulary that I thought they would have trouble with or introduce any new words, and talk about the 2 main characters in the story. 3. I would group the children into groups of 4 and have them take turns reading aloud(round robin) 4. I would be walking around the groups asking comprehension questions throughout the story. 5. I would read the story to the class to make sure of comprehension. 6. After the story is read 2x I would give them an activity of drawing the most important scene of the book, to them, to enforce their learning.
 1. Show them examples from s story from before, so that they could see exactly what I want. 2. Have them write 3 sentences why they think this is the most important part of the story.
 1. Children need to get out their pencil and crayons. 2. I will pass out a sheet of paper to each child along with a small peice of lined paper so they can write their 3 sentences to go along with their story.
 Depending on the students in my classroom I would have to accomodate each child individually according to what I think would be best or their IEP. I could have the larger print books, help the children brainstorm for ideas on what to draw, or read them the story another time if they didn't comprehend it in the 1st 2 times.
Checking For Understanding:
 After we have finished with the "Beauty and the Beast" story and activities, I would give them a multiple choice comprehension quiz over vocabulary and basic understanding of the story.
 I would have any child that wanted to come up and show their picture and sentences to share them with the class.
 I would grade the children on their participation with the group and also for their quality of work with the picture drawing and sentence writing as follows: 3 pts for all 3 areas done correctly 2 pts for 2 out of 3 areas done correctly 1 pt for 1 out of 3 areas done correctly 0 pts for 0 out of 3 areas done correctly
Teacher Reflections:
 Rational of Lesson Plan: I choose this lesson because I felt like it would be similar to one that we would be expected to teach to our students. I feel like this could be something that could come up in their reading books, and the activity would be a good way to check for comprehension of the story. I feel that read then re-read is a widely used method in the classroom, and is a good way to make sure that the children understand the story, and all the vocabulary words. I would use this in a small group or large group setting because it is easy to implement in a classroom of any size and can be strethed to fit any lesson plan time schedule. It can also be easily altered for many other fairy tales or stories that will come up in their reading books.

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