Lesson Plan : Characterization In Writing

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Alison Mincarelli
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Creative Writing Unit: Characterization Lesson
 Direct/Indirect Characterization
 Be able to define Characterization, understand its importance in literature and be able to recreate a solid characterization using the knowledge acquired in class in their own short story at the end of the unit.
 1. Students will brainstorm ideas to form a class definition of characterization 2. Students will be able to differentiate between indirect and direct characterization 3. Students will be able to recognize different aspects of characterization that we see in literature 4. Students will be able to replicate this type of characterization in their own writing
 Pencil and paper, brown paper bags and magazine cut outs, blackboard, worksheet
 Introduce creative writing unit, today's lesson on characterization and the end goal of students creating their own short story at the end of the unit. Brainstorm ideas to form a definition of what characterization is and why it is important in literature.
 Examine a worksheet that has a great example of characterization. Read as a class and ask them to explain the components that make this a solid charaterization.
 Students will be given an assignment handout explaining the rules to the Characterization game. Brown paper bags will be handed out and students will be asked to pretend they are authors and introduce the person in the bag as a character in their short story. Using the components that we have learned and examined in the passage that was handed out, they should be able to replicate this in their own writing (without using the name of the person in the bag). After they are finished with their paragraphs they will be asked to read outloud and have the class guess the famous person they are characterizing.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students to provide one good thing/ positive feedback and one thing they may improve upon after student has read their characterization. This will show that they understand what makes a solid characterization.
 Ask students one thing they learned today about characterization and why it is important to literature. Ask if there are any questions.

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