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Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Nilsson
 Grade 11-12
 Language Arts

 The topic of the activity is the random content of each purse/bag.
 The lesson is a Creative Writing activity designed to engage the students and to use their background knowledge of word-image relationships. Students must be able to use writing strategies they have learned to create a short story about the owner of the purse/bag. Students must also be able to use imagery and specific, concrete details to respond to the prompt. Brainstorming, focus, creativity, originality, and knowing to whom they are writing (audience) must be taken into consideration.
 The goal of the lesson is to initiate word-image relationships to write a short story from beginning to end in the time allotted. Students will also be able to work together in small, cooperative groups to aid each other in brainstorming, pre/post-writing, revision/editing, and staying focused to bring the short story to fruition.
 * working cooperatively/quietly (so as not to distract other groups) * working creatively * focus on actual story events, concrete images, specific details, and to engage the reader (audience) * creating a bank of "ideas" to use in the story (most likely during brainstorming/pre-writing) * addressing all rubric/assessment prompts as indicated (given with directions before the activity begins) * students are expected to act mature and be focused on the goal of writing a short story
 - 5-6 purses/bags - random contents such as a newspaper article (he/she) carried around, a stick of gum, pens, pencils, etc. and each bag will contain different items - each student is to have: a pen or pencil notebook/blank paper imagination/creativity
 I will first give directions as the purpose and overall goal of the activity. Then, I will go over the rubric and assessment guidelines for the short stories they will create. After that, I will hand out the purses/bags and instruct the students that they will be placed randomly into groups of 5-6 students and they are not to open the purses/bags until instructed to do so.
 Before beginning the activity, I will model an example of the types of ideas I am looking for in their stories. This will be written and passed out as a handout or will be written on the board. Demonstration will be basic and the students will be able to get a general idea of the way they are supposed to proceed without giving them a story to use. Their ideas MUST be original.
 As the students begin to brainstorm and pre-write, I will monitor and be available for any questions and/or comments they might have. As they are ready to draft their final copy of their stories, they will be consistently monitored for any "writer's block". They will be expected to adhere to a time limit. As they are drafting the story they will be able to focus on each prompt on the rubric/assessment.
 For ESE and ESL/ELL students, I have

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