Lesson Plan : Morning Meeting/ Daily Edit

Teacher Name:
 Denise Quinn
 Grade 3

 Morning Meeting: Greetings, Discuss Schedule, Daily Edit
 Social Skills, Grammar
 1. During Morning Meeting, students will review the Calendar, observe the proper writing of the full date, and review the day's schedule. 2. During the Daily Edit, students will review grammar skills of: punctuation, types of sentences, subject, predicate.
 1. The children will practice prior-learned skills of greeting teachers, guests, one another. 2. The children will participate in a Dail Edit activity whereby they will review skills previously taught in the area of punctuation, types of sentences, subject, predicate. Review of Singular and Plural nouns.
 Posted daily schedule, calendar, chart paper, markers - black , red, and green
 Children will be asked to bring their chair to the carpet, one-by-one, arranged in a semi-circle.
 When everyone is settled, teacher will greet students (as a whole). The teacher will then model greeting Teaching Assistant, and guest.
 The date willl be discussed, and written appropriately on the chart, modeling proper punctuation. The "short" numeric way of writing the date is pointed out as being on top of the daily schedule. The schedule is then discussed. A time for questions will be given. Daily Edit: On the chart paper, previously written are two sentences that require appropriate punctuation, spelling. Students are asked to voluntarily make changes to the errors. Students are asked to identify nouns (proper, singular, plural); subject (s) and verbs (the teacher will interchange using the term "predicate" with "verb" in order to familiarize the children with both terms.
 Visual: Use of chart and various color markers to emphasize corrected responses. Auditory: Verbally instruct using appropriate terms, and verbally pointing out corrections made. Logical: Explain the reason for some of the grammar rules. Kinesthetic: Allow for movement from student's chair to chart. Use of markers to make corrections. Social: Interactive between teacher/students; students/students
Checking For Understanding:
 The Daily allows for students to participate by coming up to the chart and making corrections, and this can be used to assess the students' understanding.
 Point out all the corrections made and nouns, verbs identified. Reminder to keep proper punctuation in mind when writing, and using the dictionary for proper spelling.

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