Lesson Plan : Front Hydraulic Fork Assembly

Teacher Name:
 Ray Wilt
 Vocational Ed.

 Inspect and repair front hydraulic fork assembly
 To present front suspension systems,design and operation.
 Component inspection, service, and repairs are discussed and reinforced with lab exercises designed to simulate industry approved repair applications.
 a.Acquire appropriate repair instructions b.Follow proper safety procedures. c.Remove and / or disassemble front shock assembly. d. Inspect and repair front shock assembly. e. Check/adjust fork stem bearings. f Reinstall front shock assembly and check proper operation.
 Motorcye with complete front assembly, including steering tree,fork bridge, fork legs and all other required parts.
 Today you will learning the basic design and the proper dissasembly and assembly of the steering components of a standard motorycle
 I will offer a display of a basic motorcycle frame and steering assembly in the front of the class. I will dissaemble the steering and its related parts, describing each and then re-assemble them in proper order.
 Students will be the lab for four hours a day practicing the proper dissembly and the proper reassembly of the steering assembly
 Students will utilize lab assistants and the the computer work stations offering service manuals and parts layouts.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will dissemble the steering assembly and have the instructor inspect and sign approval before the student can begin reassembly.
 Students will attend lectures presenting the material explaing motorcycle steering and suspension. The student will then utilize the lecture information and apply it to the lab time for hands on skill development.
 The students are required to complete the assigned tasks at least five times on different motorycycles in lab. The students will also be tested weekly as part of their overall grade.

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