Lesson Plan : The Physiology of The Chest

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 Vocational Ed.

 The Chest - Part One
 Basic Contraindications to Bodywork Breathing Musculature of the Chest Chest Protocol - Part One
 Familiarization with basic contraindications to bodywork in general. Understanding of the breathing process and types of breathing. Understanding of the musculature and anatomical features of the chest and the application of Body Somatic Therapy to this area.
 Able to identify when Bodywork is contraindicated. Able to demonstrate the types of breathing. Able to identify, by name and position, the basic musculature and anatomical features of the chest. Able to apply appropriate BST techniques to the Chest area.
 Textbook, printed visual aids from Interactive Functional Anatomy, Hands on Demonstration, and hands on practice.
 Review questions from last class. Introduce topic for current session (Chest part one). Go over review questions from the previous chapter and answer questions.
 Discuss contraindications from text. Review and demonstrate types of breathing. Review and discuss handouts showing relevant anatomical structures of the chest. Demonstrate and discuss BST chest protocol part one.
 Questions about contraindications. Have students practice/demonstrate types of breathing. Monitor and assist students during protocol practice.
 Adjust table height and/or client positioning per student/client requirements. Answer questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observation and feedback/questions from students during protocol practice. Answer questions.
 Ask for any questions. Discuss results of protocol. Make sure students aware of need to practice protocol and study material in next chapter for next class.

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