Lesson Plan : Spreadsheets

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Vocational Ed.

 Spreadsheets (15 days)
 spreadsheets, Excel, cells, rows, columns, cell names, name box, formula bar, tab, borders, gridlines, selection tool, column width tool, row height tool, formulas, Fill Down (Across) tool, Auto Sum tool, currency tool, number formats, alignments (horizontal and vertical or diagonal, Averages, Shading, cell formats, insert graphics, auto select, page setup, print preview, save, orientation, charts, bar charts, pie charts, various charts, formatting charts, and integrating Excel and Word.
 Students will learn spreadsheet terminology and skills.
 Students will be be able to create a variety of spreadsheets and charts and format them as well.
 Textbooks, Computers, Worksheets, and Excel Software.
 Students will learn the basics of spreadsheets by watching an introductory PowerPoint starting with how they can spend $1,000,000 and keep a record of it.
 Students will be shown, throughout several days, the building steps towards creating spreadsheets.
 As students are shown new skills, they will then create at least two "Step-by-Step" exercises showing they can complete these skills as they follow the steps.
 As needed, I will be of assistance to those that need it. If certain students show a need, an adjusted (shortened) assignment will be given.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will monitor the students as they are working and let them know immediately if there is anything they need to correct and understand better.
 They will complete a review of the terminology and skills and take an online assessment. They will have a bonus homework assignment, of how they would complete the spreadsheet of how they spent the $1,000,000.00.
 Students will be evaluated every day to ensure they are gaining the necessary skills to exceed with spreadsheet skills and terminology.

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