Lesson Plan : Food Preparation Methods

Teacher Name:
 Bonnie Stanley
 Grade 9-10
 Vocational Ed.

 Kitchen Safety
 Knowing and practicing kitchen safety and administering appropriate first aid for accidents makes one safe in the kitchen. o Types of accidents and injuries X Cuts X Burns X Falls X Electrical X Poisoning X Choking X Other o Safety guidelines for accidents
 Apply methods for safety and sanitation, lab procedures and conserving resources.
 Understand safety and sanitation for food preparation.
 two minute video on kitehcn safety, Key terms, Kitchen Hazards worksheet, Power point, the pathway to kitchen safety and accidents, graphic organizer for power point, instructions for kitchen safety pop up book and instructions for kitchen safety poster.
 first five minutes of class - writing activity on a thought of the day. show video on kitchen safety. Video shows how fast a kitchen can go up in flames if careless in kitchen.
 Give out key terms, go over and have the students put words in the vocabulary section of their notebooks.
 Go over the power point on kitchen safety and have students use graphic organizer to cover notes on kitehcn safety.
 Students will be grouped if needed. Students with accommodations will be given alternative or modified assignments for class. Students with accommodations will also be given hard copies of all work in class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Rubrics will be used for the projects to evaluate and students will be given feedback based on their work.
 last five minutes of class students will complete a 3-2-1 sheet of three things they did not know prior to class, two things they found interesting in class today and one thing they would like more information about.
 rubrics will be used, hazards handout will be graded and level of competency will be 80% if all students do not make the 80%, those students will be given reinforcement activities for competency.

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