Lesson Plan : Preparing a Budgeting Spreadsheet

Teacher Name:
 Tracy Heine
 Vocational Ed.

  Creating a household budget using Excel
 Learning to create an Excel spreadsheet: creating formulas, formatting the spreadsheet and cells, and editing text
 Ability to define a budget Create a budget using Excel Ability to create a spreadsheet Use simple formulas to identify a balanced budget
 Identify functions of a spreadsheet Use Excel to create a spreadsheet Format a spreadsheet and cells to organize and represent budget elements Edit spreadsheet configuration and text within cells
 Desktop computers, Microsoft Excel, LCD projector to guide activity, handout of sample budget spreadsheet
 1. Lesson on importance of budgeting your new paycheck 2.Discussion among participants about their budgeting habits--operating in the "red" or in the "black" 3.Introduce budget sample and ask questions regarding objectives 4.Assign student mentor/partners with experience in Excel to help novices with lesson
 1.Teacher led explanation of the Excel toolbar 2.Teacher led step by step process of creating the spreadsheet based on the sample handout provided -adjusting column sizes, adding/deleting rows, headers and footers -entering text into cells -formatting text in the cells: alignment, symbols, font formatting, copying, cutting, pasting -creating simple spreadsheet formulas: add & subtract 3.Questions and suggestions from participants related to creating the spreadsheet
 1.Students will create a spreadsheet budget in conjuntion with instructor using LCD display so students can follow along 2.Instructor will provide students time to enter text, try out formulas, formatting and editing 3.Student partners will assist each other as needed
 1.Mentor/partners will help those with less computer experience and knowledge 2.Instructor will provide varying degrees of assistance and time allotment based on student needs 3.Technical accommodations are not available at the time, but could be requested
Checking For Understanding:
 1.Spreadsheet that formulates figures correctly and accurately 2.Demonstrate understanding of excess or deficient cash based on calculated spreadsheet outcomes
 1.Discuss outcomes and how they can be modified by changing spending habits or increasing income
 1.Question how much support was needed during guided teaching and if students still have questions after explanations 2.Finished spreadsheet

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