Lesson Plan : American Politics

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 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 American Politics
 Social Studies Current Events in America today Political influence and opinion in America today
 Student will be able to... 1. Describe current events 2. Explain their positions on these current events 3. Analyze key issues in the political realm today 4. Debate both sides of each issue 5. Compare and contrast their ideas with others
 Internet Research (Technology) Discussion and debate (Communication) Notes (Organization) Analysis of the importance of awareness in current affairs (Civics)
 access to the internet
 Group up with a partner Today's assignment will be an analysis of current events
 Each group is to go on a computer and open up their webpage to one of the following news web pages...
 Teacher guides students to locate an event affecting their region of the U.S. Click on an article, skim through it, take some notes, and discuss its impact - why does this matter? why is this news?
 SPED's can do 1 of each type instead of 2
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will monitor the room by walking around and checking that the students are properly completing the assignment - if there are questions or inaccuracies, the teacher answers them as they arise.
 Teacher-led discussion of current events 1. Ask each group to share the issue that they found the most interesting or the most important. 2. Get student input from around the room on each issue brought up. 3. Explain why it is important to be aware of events taking place throughout the world - how they impact our daily lives, and why we should participate in politics.
 Teacher will collect the group 'notes pages' and grade for completion. Students will write a 1/2 page summary discussing current events and how they affect us using examples from the class discussion or their own research - this will be graded based on criteria handed out to the students

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