Lesson Plan : Population Growth and the Environment

Teacher Name:
 Stacy Carpenter
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Population growth in Europe in the 1600s and the ties to the environment. Why people were immigrating to America.
 What happens when populations increase. The ties to the environment. The push factors to come to America. The understanding of environmental problems that puts the students in the mindset of those in the 1600's facing difficulties with the environment. How values change over time.
 Students will be able to understand the importance of the environment and how it impacted history. Students will be able to identify environmental problems in history and in their surrounding environment. Students will be able to assess possible outcomes for environmental problems. Students will examine their own values and beliefs related to the environment. Students will learn to respect the values and beliefs of others. Students will be able to understand how the environment has impacted people throughout history.
 Given population growth handouts and information about the effects on the environment, students will relate this information to today's world through creative solutions to a present problem.
 Handout on population growth, an assessment worksheet, journals, stories from the 1600's
 The teacher will research and read a story of the life of a farmer in England in the 1600's. The students will record important facts about the environment on a chart for discussion.
 Discussion about signs of over population and the effects of population using the chart. The tie to the environment and how the environment affects history.
 Students will research on the computer to find environmental problems of today and use the worksheet to record findings.
 Discussion rather than a worksheet for those who have problems expressing thought on paper. The teacher will work individually with these students. Students can be paired with another student on the computer.
Checking For Understanding:
 Discuss the options of those living in England in the 1600's and why many of them chose to move to America. Discuss push and pull factors. Discuss how the environment impacted their dilemmas.
 Write in journal about what they would have done if they were farmers in England in the 1600's. If they would have traveled to America and why. Discussion to follow.
 How class discussion goes. Make sure that the ties to the environment are discussed with the historic values of land and environment in mind. Go over worksheet and look for constructive thinking and then look over journal entries.
Teacher Reflections:
 Make sure that the students understood from the stand point of an English farmer the importance of the environment. Make sure that the students understand the importance of the environment in today's world as well. How will I follow up this lesson?

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