Lesson Plan : What is the American Dream?

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Kostopoulos
 Grade 7-8

 Immigration in the US. Past and Present.
 o The First Settlers o Irish Immigration o Chinese Immigration o Jewish Immigration o Latin American Immigration o Immigration Officer o Opponent of an Immigration Moratorium
 The task will be to create an exhibit that will show several visions of the American Dream through the ages. You will do so by organizing a history book account of immigration to the United States. Working in a team and playing roles, there will be research with several websites and the library to collect information on people and events related to immigration to America.
 Students will learn about and understand immigration in the U.S. Students will actively engage in research utilizing web resources and library resources. Students will gather information and create a fully funcional book to be used as a reference source regarding immigration in the United States.
 Computers Activity and Responsibility sheets for each group. Art supplies. Plastic covers for sheets of books. Computer Internet Library and or Library Books.
 For more than 300 years, immigrants from all over the world have settled in the U.S. What dreams, hopes and expectations have led them to choose this land?You and your partners are invited to search for information about the history of immigration to the United States, from 1607, when the first settlers arrived in America, until the present.
 •Divide into groups of Seven. •In your group, choose one of these roles: o One of the first settlers o An Irish Immigrant o A Chinese Immigrant o A Jewish Immigrant o A Latin American Immigrant o An Immigration Officer o An Opponent of an Immigration Moratorium •Follow the links under each role to get information about the characteristics and responsibilities of each one. •Read the contents that refer to your role. Follow the instructions and steps indicated. •Assign group tasks. •Conduct an internet search for your role using the Resources provided.
Checking For Understanding:
 After completing this web quest, students will have acquired a lot more knowledge about the history of immigration to America and about the dreams, expectations and hopes of the many who left their homeland in search of freedom, opportunity and work. Immigration is still a present day issue. Is the American Dream still present in the minds of these immigrants? Now that you have finished, what new insights has this project brought to the view of this subject? Has it changed in any way your knowledge of the American people and the American nation?
 Rubric and final presentation to the class.

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