Lesson Plan : History Express Faith

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Sylvia Lai
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 What is History? Why do we study History?
 This lesson plan is designed to introduce students of Secondary 1 to the discipline of History. Key area of focus will be on 'What is History? Why do we study History?' And the 5 Ws + 1 H approach- What? Where? When? Why? What consequences? And How? There will be an introduction of essential terms used in the study of History, such as: "Recall", "Interpret", "Apply", "Analysis", Synthesize", "Evaluate". Each of these terms will be explained accompanied with corresponding worksheet and a power point presentation. The concept of time is an important factor in the study of History. Determination of time in History is introduced by understanding the usage of the History time scale: "B.C./ A.D." Students will be taught how to read the time scale and the designations by which it is referred to by (including its previous and modern designations- "BCE/ CE).
 The lesson aims to enable students to understand the importance of History not only as a subject of Humanities. But to determine its importance in modern times, to relate the past with the present.
 Students will be encouraged to: * To question; * To participate in discussions with their peers; * To be able to comprehend the importance of History as an essential discipline of learning.
 IT support: * OHP and Computer; * Power point slides; * AV: possible video (as introduction to the lesson- depending on its availability); * Worksheets;
 Students will be shown a video/ PPT of mixed slides. (availability to be determined). Students will describe the visuals as they observe it.
 Lesson will start off with the word "History". Understanding it as "His-story"- the story of man's progress, and its affinity with society and groups of people. The story of our progress over time. And the mystery of the past unfolding in the present through investigative techniques used to uncover the past.
 Students will be introduced to various terms that they will come across in history. The meanings of the terms will be projected on screen and will be further described with the help of visuals.
 Worksheet/ learning activities with RIAASE.
Checking For Understanding:
 Worksheet/ Question and Answers
 Recapping RIAASE, the time line scale, basic idea of 'What is History?'

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