Lesson Plan : How The Cold War Started

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Crowder
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 containment, cold war, Soviet Dominance, Truman Doctrine
 More than 20 million died. Stalin demanded control over Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. Roosevelt wanted to work with the Soviets and their interests to build peace. At the start of the Cold War, Eastern Europe was under Soviet control. Today, all of these countries have their independence.
 1. Describe events that led to Soviet dominance in Eastern Europe. 2. Explain how differences between the U.S. & Soviet Union helped fuel the cold war. 3. Explain how the Truman Doctrine & Marshall Plan further defined & deepened the cold war.
 Social Studies Textbook, index cards, video clip
 As a pre-test students are asked to define what they believe the cold war is and any supporting details that they might have about it.
 Explain what parts of the text are important and what parts of it to skip over. Then write given instructions on the board.
 Students read the necessary part of the text independently. A short video will follow and will be avialable in groups of five people, played all during the period but must be watched at Learning Center #2.
 For Reading Disability: The day prior students with reading comprehension problems skim the section to find the vocabulary words that are introduced. Be certain that the students understand the terms before they read the section. This activity will be a word study in which they will develop content knowledge via the terms. For Talented & Gifted: Critical Thinking Question: Why did the Soviets prefer Roosevelt's style of diplomacy to Truman? They can share with the class if they desire.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students are put into groups of 3-4 and are given five questions in which they choose to answer three and share their answers with the class as a whole.
 Students are informed that the next day, they will discuss how the cold war deepens. They are reminded to bring in the information about events leading up to the Cold War, during, and after the cold war from their grandparents if possible. (Students were told about this part one week ago also, that way they would have enough time to visit someone).
 Students are to write what they have learned on the back of the provided index card after the video clip, reading the material, and the discussion.
Teacher Reflections:
 ...after lesson was introduced...I felt the entire lesson went well. I would start with a quick video clip next time though.

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