Lesson Plan : The Roman Empire

Teacher Name:
 Mr. mata
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Julius Caesar/Roman history/Roman Emperor
 The content is talking about Julius Caesar and his rule during the Roman times. -RELEVANT KEY TERMS: TRIUMVIRATE, POMPEY, CRASSUS, year of Julius Caesars reign, Brutus.
 My major outcome is to teach students the history between the roman times, and with this content specifically focusing on Julius Caesar. Because Julius Caesar was a major figure of roman emperors during the time, i believe it will provide an insight to the beginnings of Roman rule. -Students who have disabilities I hope to assess these students in anyway that they can learn about Julius Caesar. My goal with these students is to have them understand the content, but through different strategies, and activiites. Taking consideration for students with learning disabilites, my plan is to assess students in order to find out who has trouble with what.
  My objectives include bringing on performance based activities such as drama roles, plays, etc that deal with Julius Caesars reign. With this I will develop certain background and prior knowledge in order to get these kids to engage in the activities. They will learn about Julius Caesar, his army, his rule into dictatorship, and his death. Students with disabilites: Objectives will be the same for the learning disabled student. Emily, Larry, and Maria will be leveled on certain activiies through peer instruction, modifications in visuals and readings, and collaborative teaching.
 Materials used will be over head projectors, environmental tools, nature things, building blocks, costumes.
  First, I will provide Pictures on an overhead projector that will show pictures of Roman Times, Julius Caesar, and Roman buildings. This will have the kids predict what the next content subject will be on. It will also engage them because they will want to know what the pictures are. Disabled students: Visuals such as the pictures can provide an easier way of attaining knowledge for Emily, Maria, and Larry. In Larry's case, I will have another teacher by his side to explain more in depth what he sees the pictures as, as well as help from the teachers aid. In a heterogeneous group setting each student including the disabled students will be placed together in groups of 4. Each will pick out a different acting role that deals with the times of Julius Caesar. Group one will have a role during Caesars conquest on defeating the Gaul Empire. Group 2 will do a skit on Julius Caesars coming back home from the Gaul Wars. Group 3 will provide a skit on Julius Caesars coming as an emperor. The last group will finish off and how Julius Caesar ruled, and then will show a skit on his death. The students once done will then act out the play in front of another classroom. With the help of the peer teacher/teacher aid, the students with disabilities will get extensive help. In the groups students are to help the disable students as well. Emily who has Cerebral Palsy will be optioned to be either the person in the senate taking place during Roman times, acting. With limited motor skills, I will provide Emily with time to understand the work. I will give her music that she may like relating to the Roman times. Maria will be pictures in order to practice retaining information. The use of the skits for Maria, will provide pictures next to the skits. In this case she will understand it better, as well as remember the information better.
 When the students have finished with practicing their roles, they will develop costumes either from home or from construction paper. Emily can get the help from other students, or from the teacher. Larry, can engage with other students in order to feel wanted in the classroom.
  Each group will then practice in a full classroom setting. As the teacher i will facilitate and make sure that the history facts are accurate or correct. They will also make practice will the teacher in the inclusive area of my classroom
Checking For Understanding:
  At the end of the play, the next session in class will be assessment. I will give out a test on the roles I gave the students. If the special education students need help, I will send them to a content mastery class for further help. This test will be multiple choice, as well as one essay, and short answer questions.

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