Lesson Plan : Establishing Jamestown

Teacher Name:
 Whitney Smith
 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 The English Establish 13 Colonies
 Jamestown Powhatan
 How are American colonists different from Europeans?What was life like for early settlers living in the colonies? What is the relationship between early European settlers and Native Americans?
 Identify the first colonists basic survival needs. Create images for a bulletin board of supplies needed by the Jamestown settlers. Explain what life was like for colonists living in Jamestown. Discuss the relationships between the Jamestown settlers and the Native Americans.
 Drawing Paper Colored Pencils Paper "trunks" Textbooks Bulletin Board
 Ask students to list the needs of basic survival and copy the list onto the board. Have the students get into groups of four and think about the security needs of the settlers. Have each group write down a list. Discuss the student's lists together as a class and write student responses on the board. Ask the students to think about the natural resources that the settlers can use and list them, again write student responses on the board.
 Ask each group to imagine that they are preparing for a voyage to Jamestown. Have them think about the following questions: What personal items do I wish to take with me? What items are absolutely necessary? Remind them it would take months for a supply ship to reach them. Tell them that space on the ships was limited therefore they can only pack a trunk that is about two feet long, 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Also discuss the Powhatan Indians and remind the students that settlers often traded with the natives to get supplies. Explain to the class that they are to come up with a list of the things that they would take with them on their journey.
 Have the groups brainstorm together and come up with a list of supplies and write it down.
 As per individual IEP.
Checking For Understanding:
 When their lists are complete, have each group share their lists with the rest of the class and discuss whether or not these items would be appropriate.
 Have each group member draw, color, and cut out a supply for their "trunk" and put "trunks" on a bulletin board.

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