Lesson Plan : The Black Death

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Garza
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Role of disease in causing systems to collapse and reorient towards another extreme. *pattern: isolation -- communication -- isolation*
 The Black Plague Key Vocabulary: epidemic, plague, quarantine, injunction
 Student will be able to track the plagues' progress from Mongolia to Europe. Student will be able to understand the role of disease in affecting/effecting history. Student will be able to understand how the Black Plague led to the Renaissance and the church's weakening influence in Western culture.
 Students will make connections to other plagues in history. Using a venn diagram they will demonstrate the consistent patterns in how people react to epidemics. Students will discuss the music "Ring around the Rosie" of the plauge period, the mindsets of people trying to escape their fate. Some students may create a skit of survivors of the plague, victims, doctors, wealthy folk, servants during the 13th century.
 textbook, handouts from other sources.
 Do Now: What would you do should you get a cold? the flu? have a heart attack? the measles?
 The Black Plague was an insidious guest. Sneaking in where he was not welcome and making himself at home, spreading his presence to touch all in a household before moving on. Think about the medical technology of this era, the education of the people and the superstitions of faith.
 Read aloud while modelling reading comprehension strategies of inference and questioning. Student underline the main idea and unfamiliar words.
 Students work in pairs: strong/weak student pairing. Draw pictures to demonstrate their understanding of the effects and affects of the Black Plague.
Checking For Understanding:
 Meeting together as a whole class, ask students about what they learned. Brainstorm their findings and note on chart paper.
 Remind students to study for Exam on Friday which will be on the Mongol Empire and The Black Plague.
 skit presentations charted responses of the day's learning exam on friday

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