Lesson Plan : Arabian Peninsula

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 Grade 7-8
 Social Studies

 Geography of the Arabian Peninsula
 Adaptation, Trade Routes, Desert, Oasis, Coastal Plains, Mountain Ranges, Nomadic and Sedentary.
 7.2.1 Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of civilizations of Islam in the Middle Ages Substrand Identify the physical features and describe the climate of the Arabian Peninsula, its relationship to surrounding bodies of land and water and nomadic/sedentary ways of life.
 Students will be able to identify and describe the ways in which people had to adapt to the climate in the Arabian peninsula. Students will be able to understand the relationship between the geographic location of the Arabian Peninsula and trade.
 Textbook, Workbook, What I Already Know Organizers (Transparency).
 Warm Up Students continue with their atlas activity. Row/Group work. Challenge: Two questions up on overhead 1. What continents surround the Arabian Peninsula 2. If you were an Arab trader, what body of water would you cross to reach Europe? 3. _______________________________________________
 Tell students about the unit we are about to study. KWL Handout and overhead *Brainstorm as a class: 1. What do you think of when you see "Middle East" 2. What kind of climate do they have? 3. Food? Clothing? Transportation? *Ask students to formulate questions individually about what they want to know and write (http://www.nga.gov/education/classroom/19th_century_america/kwl.pdf)
 Explain how geography affected patterns of life on the Arabian Peninsula, including the role of towns and the establishment of trade routes to ASIA, AFRICA and EUROPE> SHOW THEM PICTURE OF AN TOWN NEAR AN OASIS
 students work off of the vocabulary word list. ELD Beginning levels WORD(L2), TRANSLATION (L1), SENTENCE (L2), PICTURE SDAIE (intermediate and advanced levels) WORD,DEFINITION,SENTENCE AND PICTURE ELD STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO KEEP VOCABULARY CARDS. (they can cut these out from their paper and keep in card plastic box) beginning levels might have to use drawings instead of writing (activity pg. 170)
Checking For Understanding:
 Students Check their answers (overhead)
 Review KWL Answer (L) part. If questions in the W column remain unanswered, these can form the basis for class discussion, or students can be guided to seek further information in appropriate texts or on the Web.
 Homework: Make a copy of quiz on page 169 (lesson guide 1) Finish by next class meeting.

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