Lesson Plan : The Vietman War through music

Teacher Name:
 R. Ballard
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The Vietman War (from 1960-1970)
 The content of this lesson plan will consit of key players in the Vietnam war, such as Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, RObert McNamara and even Martin Luther King Jr. The students will study as well as analyse music from this decade in order to understand the American sentime at the time.
 The one major goal of this lesson is to give students a better understanding of different points of view on such a catastrophic war. It id so the students can see both the political, econimocal and public outcomes of the war.
 The objectives of the lesson are to formulate through music an interest in the war. I am hoping that through the use of music, instructional video, lectire and class discussion that students will be able and willing to ask questions that are pertinent to the war and why it was being faught.
 Different types of music from the decade, a variety of books, articles and priamry sources
 Assuming that students already have a base of knowledge on the war. Then we brainstorm the ways people used get there messages to the government about conscription.
 Once the brainstorming has finished a song will be played from that decade. Something like, Stop Children what's that sound. Pass out lyrics to the song. As a class we will read the lyrics so the class knows exactly what the writter was thinking. We will than brainstorm to find out how this song is related to the war.
 Generate a list of music like the example.
 There will be a few ways that students can receive credit for this lesson. They will have to option to so a 5 to 10 minute presnetation on their song and why they chose it or they can hand in a four -five page paper on the song and it's important to the decade.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be able to check for understanding by the wy that they student shows in their presnetation, the sentiments of the song and vietnam or in their writing.
 Alternative measures to the war.

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