Lesson Plan : Current Events and The Newspaper

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Constable
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Current Events/Issues
 Social Studies
 To increase student awareness of current events at local, national and international levels
 Students will become familiar with the newspaper. Students will become aware of the events happening in their city, state, nation and world. Students will learn to summarize. Students will find locations on a map. Students will compute distances using map scales. Students will learn to ask thought-provoking questions.
 A newspaper for each student, maps, rulers
 Each student will read an article of their choice from the newspaper. Students take question answers and rewrite the article from another viewpoint. Students compare newspaper coverage to radio/television coverage of a story. I record television and radio broadcasts for classroom use. Students create a cartoon on a current news topic. Students can write editorials and letters to the editor. Also, encourage students to write letters to elected officials. Students can also pick words from the article that are related to the chapter we are currently studying. Students may also create a cartoon of what the article is saying.
 I will show students examples of each individual activity that is expected of them.
 I will make sure to get progress reports from each student. I will have a worksheet for them to fill out and in that worksheet is a progress grade. The worksheet is also a reflection paper that they can utilize on other activities that deal with the news.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each and every individual grade is different based on what was completed in their activity.
 This is an activity that can be varied and naturally evolves into many activities, some student suggested. This is a great homework activity. Evaluation criteria can be varied according to assignment difficulty.

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