Lesson Plan : Printmaking

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 Arts and Crafts

 Printmaking in Visual Art
 offst lithography. linocut, aquatint, original print, intaglio, lithography, artist's proof, engraving, tusche, relief printmaking, burin, screenprinting, process, drypoint, serigraphy, woodcut, burr, photo screen, wood engraving, etching
 -Student is introduced to the concept of original prints -Student gains an understanding of the functions and purposes of printmaking in history and contemporary society -Students examine the various printmaking processes and distinguish why artists chose particular techniques for special effects
 -to be able to identify an original print as opposed to a reproduction -to be able to distinguish the different print media one from the other (print show assignment) -to become aware of the large impact printmaking has had in the advancement of civilization and technology as we know it today
 Computer Cart, handouts, various plates & prints
 Ask for a definition of an 'original print'. Ask how that is different from commercial, machine printed reproductions. Develop definition on the board
 Pass around some of the printing plates and ask students if they can guess which process the plate is. Alo some prints. Explain editioning; the value of an original print is based on the size of the edition
 Attend the Davidson Gallery print show; students have handout ot fill in - they must identify one print from each of the main printmaking media - relief, intaglio, planographic (lithography or screenprint)
Checking For Understanding:
 Test later
 Students write a short 2 sentence evaluation of an original print
 Check assignment

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