More Public Relations in Schools

Teaching Idea

Community Awareness
Matt, Intermediate Grade Teacher: Denver, Colorado

"Work with the Chamber of Commerce, realtors, or other community groups to send a packet of inforamtion about the school to new residents in the community nad invite them to visit (even if they do not have school age children). In the same packet, citizens of your community know that they are needed as volunteers to help woth reading to children, tutoring, and offering any enrichment opportunities to the students enrolled in your school."

Teaching Idea

How to Brush for Dental Awareness Month
Janien Balgemann: Lincoln School / Student teacher

"We had a hygentist come to talk to our first grade classes about how to take good care of their teeth. First, she gave each an Oreo cookie and then let them show each other how all the cookie got stuck in their teeth. Then she gave each an apple and repeated the process. It was amazing, but the teeth looked clean. Next she took 4 volunteers and made them incisors. She continued creating a row of teeth with children that included canines, premolars and molars. She took a huge toothbrush and brushed them first improperly and then properly. As last, she brought out a white, long cloth and proceeded to floss the children. They had a great time and were really paying attention. Always remember, children remember 90 % of what they do. and only 10 % of what they hear. Good Luck."

Teaching Idea

Meet The Experts
Sue Maiers: Technology Coordinator

"Someone recently requested some ideas on discussing web commerce with a HS tech. class. I found our local telephone co./ISP has an affiliated web site designer group. They were more than willing to send someone out to speak to the class to discuss the many facets of any related topic. The kids were more interested in hearing it from an 'authentic' source, too!"