Classroom Management Tips For Teachers 34 to 38

Teaching Idea

No Monsters In Our Room
Sheri Gibson, 4K Teacher

Objective: This lesson is used to compose a set of classroom rules that are student driven.

Grade Level: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st

Lesson: Begin by using the attached Promethean Flipchart to tell the story of The Day a Monster Came to School. At the conclusion of the story conduct a discussion describing what the monster did wrong at school. The next page of the flipchart gives you the opportunity to brainstorm using a circle map with the students generating ideas for rules. The final page of the flipchart is for listing the rules that the class chooses. By letting the students play a part in the decision process they are more likely to remember and follow the rules.

Teaching Idea

"Classroom Control using Clipboards"
Janie L. Eldred, Grade 6 teacher

"I used your worksheets "I'm late" and I'm leaving" for tardies and restroom breaks. Results: my students now know I am treating them as adults, and I no longer have constant classroom disruptions for trivial matters."

I'm Late Sign-in Printable | I'm Leaving Printable

Teaching Idea

"To quiet a room."
Juliette McDonald, Special Education Teacher

To quiet a large assembly or class in our school, the speaker raises his/her hand. Then who ever happens to see, raises their hand and stops talking. Soon everyone has their hand raised and the room is quiet. The principal uses this method to begin faculty or other adult meetings also. The superintendent of our school system now uses this method for her meetings also.

Teaching Idea

Yard Sale
Nancy Lendyak, HS Learning Support Teacher

"Between Thanksgiving & Christmas, our Sp.Ed department rewards the students w/ play monopoly money for perfect attendance, bringing materials to class, good behavior, homework completion, etc. We then have our staff donate yard sale items so that the students can purchase Christmas gifts for their families. We have a gift wrap dept.(that charges a small "fake money fee", and a refreshment stand. The students love it! For many, that is the only way for them to buy gifts for their families."

Teaching Idea

Deb, 6th Grade Teacher

"Preferred Activity Time can be done daily, 2x week, or once a week. Each class starts out with 20 minutes of free activity. Students take away seconds for every procedure, rule infraction, or homework missed. Students get added minutes for positive behavior or showing character/citizenship. Their behavior is shaped by the class and they love the activities I plan for them. If on an individual basis, then those students who do not make activity, sit a watch."

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